Do you need to send SMS to groups or individuals from your CRM-system or other solutions? Do you represent a branch of government and need to create public service broadcasts to the population in a given area? Stix Reach solves these challenges.

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Stix is a small company with high competency and strong implementation capacity. We are four employees with different skills and strengths, but with the common goal of creating products and services of the highest quality.

We work on many levels in the stack and are as comfortable with design of front-facing interfaces as well as technical interfaces between systems. The key to successful software projects is making good design desision in all layers.

Do you seek competent developers in languages like C#.Net, Perl, PHP and Javascript; interfaces in HTML with responsive designs for phones, tablets and desktop; or databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL? We use these technologies and more to rapidly deliver value adding software solutions to our customers.


There are many large on-going conflicts in the world today, and we feel strongly that we all have a responsibility to contribute as much as we can to remedy the situation.

Global challenges

In Norway we have a very high general quality of life and an opportunity to help those who are less fortunate than we are. This is why Stix gives a little each year to established and serious charities.

We focus on those organizations and projects that have a long term outlook within the areas of safety for children, education and freedom from discrimination. It is very important that the coming generations get a good foundation and the opportunity to drive positive change in their communities.

Statements from our customers

"Through a focus on solution instead of problem we have been helped by Stix in multiple projects. The consultants from Stix manages to see the entirety in large projects and solidly delivers both technically and in the mercantile realm. Internal as well as external stakeholders are followed up as promised."
Ove BruntveitCFO of Bergensbakeriene AS
"Stix has provided consulting capacity to Sharecat Solutions AS og has contributed to raising the level of our techical organization through constructive suggestions, good delivery capability and solid, relevant skillsets."
Tom-Kenneth FossheimCTO of Sharecat Solutions AS
"In Easy Connect we have consumed development and consulting services from Stix for development of a Windows Phone application and several web based solutions for data management and access. All projects have been completed on time and on budget. We can therefore highly recommend Stix."

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