SMS Payment

API for SMS payments

Do you want to start accepting payment for goods or services where the amounts are small? Implementing usage of Stix SMS Payment for fast and secure payments is simple.

A single SMS is all it takes to receive a payment or donation. We have you covered with functionality that can make you rest easy knowing that your customers or benefactors have a good user experience.

Use the service in conjuntion with SMS Gateway to initiate campaigns and automate the order process using specific keywords that leads to a completed payment transaction.



Enter a price for an item or service and specify which receipt message should be sent by SMS. That is all it takes. The amount is automatically charged the customers phone bill.


Solid processes and dilligent work to stop fraud and money laundering ensures that you can be safe in knowing that legal requirements in relation to the payment process are taken care of.


Settlement reports are made available so you can see who has made payments, which amounts and when. The service also hold additional details pr transaction.


Our systems are scaled to handle a high number of payments and campaigns that generate payments. Faced with increasing load we will scale to meet any demand.


All support services are delivered from Norway by employees with deep knowledge about the API and subsystems. No outsourcing or social dumping here. We'll also let you talk directly to our technical staff if needed.


Our API is thoroughly described and documented using OpenAPI v3 and is therefore easy to integrate against. Use your favorite programming laguage to generate a client, or use the API directly. It is all up to you.


We have competitive pricing and will try to match pricing. If you have a large volume and can document a better offer from one of our competitors we will do what we can to match their price.


All our services have been designed with 24/7 operation in mind, with redundancies in all layers. Services are monitored by our operational staff and we are positioned for immediate response if anomalies are detected.

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