Population alerts

Broadcast to groups or by area

Stix Reach is a web based service that lets you broadcast messages by SMS and voice calls. Recipients can be added from groups or population determined by a geographical area. The service works equally well in the browser on pc, phone or tablet.

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Population alerts

The module for alerting lets your branch of government, company or organization effectively dispatch alerts to consumers and businesses when the need arise. Stix Reach can retrieve data about recipients from internal systems or third parties when you need to broadcast messages. To local and federal government we offer the option of retrieving lists of recipients based on the population in an area.

Kapasitet Capacity

Broadcast messages to many hundred thousand recipients in a short timespan.

Flere kanaler Multiple channels

Use SMS or voice messages to give information to groups or population in an area.

Rapportering Reporting

Extensive information about current status, recipients, time for events and more.

Sikkerhet Security

All information is stored securely in Norway, and is also compliant with the Norwegian Archiving provisions.

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Service notifications

The modern human set increasingly higher demands to their service providers in terms of being informed about incidents that can affect the quality and availability for services they subscribe to. Service providers for infrastructure like road, water supply, power and transportation are increasingly being scrutinized, and need to be able to reliably communicate information about service quality to their customers.

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Area broadcasts

Determining areas

Stix Reach supports counting and extracting information about the population based on a selection you make in a map. Areas can be defined by drawing polygons or circular selection a given radius around a centerpoint you choose. The system extracts the consumers and businesses registered in that area and displays both a summary and a detailed view of the recipients in that area.

Area broadcasts can be used as part of incident management, and is a natural addition when working to maintain and improve the safety of the population in an area.

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Vulnerable and prioritized recipients

When sending an emergency broadcast you often need to make sure some recipients receive the message before others. Reach supports defining prioritized recipients who will always be placed at the front of the queue when messages go out.

This feature enables the quick and early transmission of an important message to e.g. movement impaired or other individuals with specific needs.

The logic for handling these prioritized recipients always makes sure that they are processed first both in the initial messaging run, and on subsequent delivery attempts.

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Planning ahead

Many activities a service organization or government entity will engage in will be planned well ahead of time. For these kinds of planned activities you can schedule alerts for broadcast at specific times and dates.

With these scheduled alerts you are well prepared and don’t have to also think about alerts when the planned activity is to start.

All scheduled alerts are listed so that you can easily get an overview of upcoming and planned activities.

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National Population Registry

Stix Reach is integrated with multiple public registries for extraction of datasets for population alerts. This ensures correct recipient information when an alert is sent.

When using Reach you don’t have to think about the complexities in handling geodata, specifics in the National Population Registry or the practical handling of these registries.

We, acting as a data processor, are a trusted partner for both small and large entities while handling their sensitive data.


External portal

The service comes with an external portal where the public can log in and use self service functionality. Here they can see alerts they have been a part of, add extra address entries and more.

Users can also through the portal subscribe and unsubscribe to published alerting groups, plus add alerting pause for specific periods.

Which specific functionality s activated for the public can be tailored for each customer and its business needs.

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