URL Shortener

API for shortening URLs

Will you be sending out links to surveys, product inormation or other resources through multiple channels? Use our URL Shortener to compress the links so that you better can drive user engagement!

The service accepts one or more URLs as input and return shorter URLs that you can send to your customers, partners or other recipients.

Use the service in conjuntion with SMS Gateway to shorten total message size, thus saving money. Why send two message parts when you could do with one?

Illustrasjon av URL-forkorter



Long URL in, short URL out. Can't get much simpler than that. With one extra parameter you can also control when each short URL should expire.


All links are generated only for HTTPS, thus ensuring that your end users data is safe in transmission. Forwarding to the final URL is also done securely.


The service can easily be set up to generate URLs with your branding and domain name. This increases likelyhood of the recipient visiting the URL.


High number of links to convert? No problem. We'll handle it regardless if you choose to batch or perform single requests.


All support services are delivered from Norway by employees with deep knowledge about the API and subsystems. No outsourcing or social dumping here. We'll also let you talk directly to our technical staff if needed.


Our API is thoroughly described and documented using OpenAPI v3 and is therefore easy to integrate against. Use your favorite programming laguage to generate a client, or use the API directly. It is all up to you.


Going to send links in SMS messages? Use our service so that you don't send unnecessarily long messages. Why send two messages when you can send one?


All our services have been designed with 24/7 operation in mind, with redundancies in all layers. Services are monitored by our operational staff and we are positioned for immediate response if anomalies are detected.

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