API access

Planning to do direct integration?

Extensive API's, quality documentation and good availability of highly skilled technical individuals are just some of the reasons for working with us.

API access

As developers we appreciate well-documentet and tidy APIs, and strongly feel that Reach meet both of these requirements. All actions you find in our UI can be performed through our REST API, and the methods are documented with examples of parameters, input and output from the API.

We work according to the principle of "dogfooding" meaning that we stay consistent in using the same solutions as our customers do. This includes our API's, and our user interfaces all use the exact same API's that our customers use.

Are you a customer who is planning to integrate your systems with ours? In that case you can talk directly with developers and other technical personell at Stix, so that the integration work goes smoothly. At Stix you won't have to wade through first- and second line support before reaching someone who can answer your questions.

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