SMS Gateway

API for sending and receiving SMS

SMS is a fantastic medium for distributing information. You also don’t have to compete as hard for your recipients attention compared to other media. Statistics show that almost all sent SMS are read by the recipient in under 30 seconds from receipt.

Using Stix SMS Gateway you will be able to start sending messages in mere minutes. Having few or many recipients is of no consequence.

What we care about is delivering your messages safely, efficiently and predictably.

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Send SMS

Get up and running quickly using our API. Messages are delivered directly to the telephone operators without any undue delays. Deliveryreports will be delivered immediately to you as they arrive.

Receive SMS

When recipients replies to messages you've sent the responses will be sent directly to you using callbacks. This means that two-way dialog and automation can easily be enabled.

Short codes

Through us you can get short numbers of four and five digits, thus being able to further improve the end-user experience. Do brand building with your very own short code!


Define keywords on your own. We'll make callbacks to you when these are triggered. Use these for automatic registration in customer incentive programs, STOP-functionality etc.


All support services are delivered from Norway by employees with deep knowledge about the API and subsystems. No outsourcing or social dumping here. We'll also let you talk directly to our technical staff if needed.


Our API is thoroughly described and documented using OpenAPI v3 and is therefore easy to integrate against. Use your favorite programming laguage to generate a client, or use the API directly. It is all up to you.


We have competitive pricing and will try to match pricing. If you have a large volume and can document a better offer from one of our competitors we will do what we can to match their price.


All our services have been designed with 24/7 operation in mind, with redundancies in all layers. Services are monitored by our operational staff and we are positioned for immediate response if anomalies are detected.

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