Broadcast to groups or by area

Stix Reach is a web based service that lets you broadcast messages by SMS and voice calls. Recipients can be added from groups or population determined by a geographical area. The service works equally well in the browser on pc, phone or tablet.

Group messaging

Easy organization

It is easy to organize recipients in groups, and members can have multiple memberships. There is no limit on recipient count.

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Scheduled shipments

Queue messages to be dispatched at a specific time in the future, ensuring delivery exactly at the intended time.

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Sending SMS

Send SMS messages to single recipients or groups with very few clicks needed.

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Import and export

Reach supports import from and export to Excel and comma separated files.

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Save messages you send often as templates for later reuse. These can easily be retrieved and used when creating a new outgoing message.

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API access

All features are available through our REST API. Everything that is possible in the UI can be performed by calling the API.

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Easy organization

Reach lets you organize your members in groups the way you deem best for your company. Members can be placed in multiple groups simultaneously, avoiding the issue of duplicate members.

Import and export

Members can easily be imported from Excel and comma separated files, and you can choose to export to the same format at a later time. This enables you to fetch members from e.g. a loyalty or customer relations system and further process them in Reach. During the import process you can choose to have the members automatically added to zero, one or multiple groups. This reduces the amount of work required to import and categorize members. Members can be added to groups directly from third party solutions using our API. Examples are HR-systems or webform for loyalty programs.

Sending SMS

When preparing to send an SMS you can choose to send to single recipients or recipients listed in groups defined in the system. Long messages are also supported in Reach, which makes it possible to formulate clear and easy to understand messages. The dashboard shows the current status for all shipments being processed and you can easily identify users who have or have not received the messages you send.


If you often send similarly worded messages you can save a great deal of time by creating message templates. These can be selected when creating a new outgoing message. The text can be retrieved directly while creating a new message, without going back and forth between pages. Another positive aspect of using templates is the reduction of common spelling mistakes. When editing templates a history is preserved of who edited the message last, date and time for the change, as well as the content.

Scheduled shipments

Reach gives you the option of queueing messages ahead of time. It is easy to specify date and time, and the messages will be sent at that exact time. You can change the contents of the message, recipients and time to send at any time ahead of the specified time. This makes it easy for your organization to coordinate sending sms with other activities such as marketing campaigns or other activities happening in a set period of time

Broadcasts and Incidents

Incident management

The module for incident management lets your branch of government, company or organization effectively plan, log, and report both for planned and sudden unforeseen incidents. Reach can retrieve data about recipients from internal systems or third parties when you need to broadcast messages. To local and federal government we offer the option of retrieving lists of recipients based on the population in an area.


Broadcast messages to many hundred thousand recipients in a short timespan.

Multiple channels

Use SMS or voice messages to give information to groups or population in an area.


Extensive information about current status, recipients, time for events and more.


All information is stored securely in Norway, and is also compliant with the Norwegian Archiving provisions.

Status på mottakere

Service notifications

The modern human set increasingly higher demands to their service providers in terms of being informed about incidents that can affect the quality and availability for services they subscribe to. Service providers for infrastructure like road, water supply, power and transportation are increasingly being scrutinized, and need to be able to reliably communicate information about service quality to their customers.

Area broadcasts

Determining areas

Stix Reach supports counting and extracting information about the population based on a selection you make in a map. Areas can be defined by drawing polygons or circular selection a given radius around a centerpoint you choose. The system extracts the consumers and businesses registered in that area and displays both a summary and a detailed view of the recipients in that area.

Area broadcasts can be used as part of incident management, and is a natural addition when working to maintain and improve the safety of the population in an area.

Vulnerable and prioritized recipients

When sending an emergency broadcast you often need to make sure some recipients receive the message before others. Reach supports defining prioritized recipients who will always be placed at the front of the queue when messages go out.

This feature enables the quick and early transmission of an important message to e.g. movement impaired or other individuals with specific needs.

The logic for handling these prioritized recipients always makes sure that they are processed first both in the initial messaging run, and on subsequent delivery attempts.

API access

As developers we appreciate well-documentet and tidy APIs, and strongly feel that Reach meet both of these requirements. All actions you find in our UI can be performed through our REST API, and the methods are documented with examples of parameters, input and output from the API.

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