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On this page we'll post information about any open positions at Stix. If you think you'll be a good match for the rest of the team here then please do contact us even though no open positions are listed.

Perl developer

We need an additional Perl developer who want to work with many different technologies in a small and friendly team. Some work will be done on internal systems and the rest of the time will be spent working with us to help our customers elegantly solve their issues. You'll primarily be working on development in Perl, facilitating getting Perl-systems into production and contributing to modernizing existing Perl-systems.

The broader experience you have the better. We will primarily be looking for someone who are familiar with a broad repertoire of technologies and who have a solution-oriented mindset. You need to be proficient with Perl.

The following are things you should also have a decent understanding of:

  • Mojolicious
  • DBD::Pg
  • JSON
  • XML::*
  • PostgreSQL

We offer a friendly working environment, large degree of individual freedom, the ability to influence direction both at Stix and at our customers plus a wide array of interesting problems to solve. Stix gives a specific amount of annual revenue as a bonus distributed to all employees from their 2nd year in the company. Every employee also have a set amount to spend on conferences both in Norway and abroad.

If you think Stix could be an interesting place to work then please contact Christopher at christopher [at]

About us

Stix is a small company with a high level of technical competency. You might say that we are mostly technically oriented, seeing as all Stix employees work on development, operations or both. We are pretty pragmatic on tooling, like to try new things and always look for better ways to solve the challenges that we and our customers face.

In addition to doing development and operations for customers we have our own product development. You can read more about our product on the page for Stix Reach.

For the most part we work on web technologies, and open source systems are central in both solutions that we ship and integrate with. Technologies to note that we use extensively are Perl, Mojolicious, PostgreSQL, Redis, Node, Javascript + frameworks galore, Puppet, Docker, and lots more.

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